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33 of My Favorite Things (not in order)

1. the smell of a newly bought paperback
2. Tuna in my sandwich, tuna in my pasta, tuna in my salad
3. talking to myself while driving
4. getting past Immigration line and an added stamp on my passport
5. sunsets and the promise that the sun will comeback the next day
6. a quiet stroll
7. hearing my wife breathing beside me when I wake up in the middle of the night
8. the Los Angeles Lakers
9. a restful catnap
10. silver or gold bric-a-bracs, black or white fashion
11. driving with the windows rolled down
12. memento – the movie and the blog
13. discovering that next sensational resto and telling people how my wife and I enjoyed it
14. buying good CDs and books from the bargain bin
15. BookSale
16. Music One in Greenbelt 3
17. doing nothing while in Greenbelt 3
18. the sensation after getting bills paid online or through the bank
19. the freedom of being chauffered
20. the music of the 80s
21. crossing out things done from Things-To-Do List
22. a massage
23. getting complimented for something I was proud of
24. having my wife’s hand to hold during traffic stops
25. squeezing my head like a cat under the bosom of my wife
26. laughing like a kid
27. solving problems like an adult
28. being air-dried after a quick shower or swim
29. a child wanting to hold your hand while walking
30. receiving handwritten letters from the mail
31. excitement of opening the envelop of newly developed pictures
32. Clarens, Montreux, Vevey – and the thought that my wife is there right now
33. praying

With this list, I bid thee goodbye. And another blog gone blag. Thank you for reading me.

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3. Philippine basketball team not gaining any medal at all at the Asian Games after losing to eventual Silver, South Korea, on a last second 3-point shot at the buzzer.

2. Finding out a big scratch (without dents naman) on 444 (that's the plate number) and back tracking where I got it? Las Pinas? Libis bazaar? or from somebody along our street since I parked it outside since another car was inside the garage.

1. A bum stomach (must be that saucy chicken I ate from McDo, bluchhh)

Whatever it is. Everything is ok, since I started the Monday with a 90-minute long distance to-from Switzerland. Sarapppp. Im rejuvenated.

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I've always seen these Friday 5 around, but haven't caught the virus, til now:

It's just too good to pass up, here goes my FRIDAY FIVE :

1. If you could only choose 1 cd to ever listen to again, what would it be?
For someone who has at least 700 CDs, this question is going to be hard to answer. Definitely, its a mixed CD of all Depeche Mode songs in MP3 version so that all 150 songs fit in one CD! But one that is commercially released, it would have to be Sarah McLachlan's "Mirrorball". Full of emotions. And its the best live album ever. Plakadong plakado.

2. If you could only choose 2 movies to watch ever again, what would they be?
"Memento" (I can relate kasi) and nothing more.

3. If you could only choose 3 books to read ever again, what would they be?
Aside from the Bible, they have to be: Pablo Neruda's "100 Love Sonnets", Eyewitness Travel Guide to "France" and "Italy". Neruda dahil hindi ko pa natatapos. I havent read the Spanish version of the 100 sonnets. And France and Italy guides are for obvious reasons, both are my favorite countries in the world. Aside from the Philippines, and Switzerland, and Germany, and USA,....

4. If you could only choose 4 things to eat or drink ever again, what would they be?
Bread and Water. And on the side, lechon kawali and piping hot rice!!! (Labs, can I add Coke? and Ice Cream?)

5. If you could only choose 5 people to ever be/talk/associate/whatever with ever again, who would they be?
M, my wife (isang tao lang yan). My parents. My 2 sisters.

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Tonight, everything just stopped to a grinding halt. I knew that the South Superhighway has the potential to turn LA's 405 to an Autobahn anytime of the day. But tonight was just different as traffic backed up a good 15 kilometers up to C-5. So what do you do? These were the things I did:

5. Ignore the guy who forewarned me, while driving his SUV making a 10 kph reverse along C-5, "Pare, Motorola is flooded".
4. Drop jaw on top of the flyover between the horizons of the air strip and the highway. And whisper to myself "Totoo nga!"
3. Took a picture for my other blog, as I descended the ramp.
2. Since its the month of the Holy Rosary, prayed despite not knowing which mystery it is today. I did the Glorious set.
1. Stay inside the car, reading at least 3 magazines, driving 1 meter per minute for the next 2 hours.

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The last time I made a wishlist, I got all of I wished for. Although the list wasn't updated, I got my Amelie and Memento DVD exactly the same time as the others.

So, to continue the tradition of having a 100% batting average, here goes:

5. Aimee Mann's "Lost In Space" - I got ALL her albums, so why not this one?
5. Ani Di Franco's "So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter" - the busiest lady in the recording industry with at least one album per year. Wow!
4. Tori Amos' "Scarlet's Walk" - need me to tell you more about her music?
4. Melissa Ferrick's "+1" - unknown in the Philippines, but already great Folk Pop artist back in the US
3. "Spiderman" (widescreen edition) on DVD - for release in the Phils on the 15th but in the States on November 2, 2002. I already pre-ordered from O (Powerplant) for a consummable P 200.
2. "Band of Brothers" on DVD - maybe steep for its price, but let's see if its worth it by November 5, 2002.
2. "Glengarry Glen Ross" - Finally, after 10 years of waiting! One of the first movies of Kevin Spacey, with Al Pacino and directed/screenplay by David Mamet.
1. Nokia 6650- triband, MMS, Video and Stills. What more can you ask for?

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Here's the Top 5:

5-1. Saturday - only if you are from La Salle.

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We arrived last Monday night and here are the first 5 (ala Basketball, my favorite game) upon setting foot in Manila:

First 5 Great News: There is Milo Ice Cream in Shell Select, La Salle Won Game 2!, The Philippines Won vs. North Korea, there were no broken things inside my luggage, and we landed safely!

First 5 Food Eaten: Barbeque, Chicken Liver, Lechon Kawali, Kare Kare and Kanin

First 5 Activities Done : Text Switzerland, Text Davao, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

First 5 Things Bought: Philippine Daily Inquirer, one gallon of Milo Ice Cream, P 500 worth of Shell Velocity (yun pa lang pala)

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Just did it

Last 5 minutes : Read my online newspaper , turned off office aircon, checked the time, checked my email, clutched my keys preparing to go home

Last 5 hours : Had two meetings, with fellow blogger, no, not on how to improve blogging, of course it was business, had another meeting, and another in the office, blogged and checked email.

Last 5 days : Arrived last Monday night, Saw Mona and Venus, Was in Paris for the weekend, Left my loved one (only for a couple of weeks labs) and enjoyed Interlaken.

Last 5 weeks : Enjoyed immensely because I was with my one and only love and of course my parents too in Europe!

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5. Safe flight to Paris on Wednesday.
4. More Memento pics from France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.
3. Time with parents. This is our own little way of giving something back for all their efforts as parents. This trip was planned to celebrate my mom's birthday and my dad's thanksgiving for a successful quadruple operation last June. This is their first step outside of the Philippines in 60 years!
2. Break from blogging. More lists to come. More pictures to be posted, watch out for it.
1. Of course, time with my one and only love. Not Lonely Tylenol at least for close to a month.

Come back once in a while. You'll never know I might have lists of "pasalubongs" for you guys!

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IN LAST 5 MINUTES : Went online, Updated Memento, Paid Meralco Online, Watched DLSU Cheerleaders and cheered in front of the TV

IN LAST 5 HOURS : Read newspapers offline, read newspapers online, read old newspapers, Packed and Ate Lunch

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underwear, footwear, my 400/400 contacts, wedding ring and watch

4 ACTIVITIES YOU DO EVERY DAY (well aside from eat, sleep and drink)
go online, read, text and take a piss (brush my teeth?, am not sure)

my chin (when i think), lately my digicam, and yes, other people's lives (i try to)

anything I do in the WC/CR, and crying

I dont want to leave the house with my bed unkept. Bedsheets, no creases. Pillows, symmetrical.

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5 of MY CURRENT FAVORITE BANDS (not solo artists)
U2, Depeche Mode, Barbie's Cradle, Dave Matthews Band and 10,000 Maniacs

4 BANDS IVE SEEN LIVE RECENTLY (not solo artists)
David Bowie, UB40, the Lotus Eaters and Barbie's Cradle

The Usual Suspects, Memento, Shawshank Redemption

This Charming Man by the Smiths and Lies, Lies, Lies by the Thompson Twins

"Opportunites" by the Pet Shop Boys
It goes "I've got the brains, you've got the looks,let's make lots of money"

Seriously, it has to be "(I Can't Live) Without You" re-released by Mariah Carey (ugh!)

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The first of the BER months. And you know what that means to most of us. The start of colder nights. More torrential rains. More flash floods. For some early birds, its the start of Christmas shopping to take advantage of sales in Powerbooks and branches of National Book Store. But you really dont know if its September unless you recognize the following:

5. Its back to school for Fil-Ams. they're all back to the States or to International School.
4. Mall-wide sales left and right to clear up for new Christmas stocks.
3. And yes, you hear Christmas songs from the radio, inside the LRT/MRT and other public places.
2. Your calendar says so, unless you forgot to update it yesterday.
1. No you dont. You cant tell its already September unless you open the TV and see all the tribute and the anniversary specials for 9/11.

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5. The entry was perfect as it is.
4. The reader thought commenting on the entry was negative. If they want to chat, they'd rather go to a discussion board.
3. The reader didnt realize that one should click the "Comment" sign to comment and not to comment verbally.
2. Readers don't want to be the first to comment unless they want to be known as "ganado".
1. Its a plan. Since the reader's blog doesnt receive comments, he wont place comments too, thinking what makes other's blogs special?

No comment.

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More often the movie is enhanced by the accompanying music, which makes compiling the music behind the movies to be compelling. But there are instances that the movie is worthless to be seen or if ever seen, the music outstages the film itself. Personally, here are my favorite soundtracks from most "recent" film releases that outscored (no pun intended) the film.

5. Serendipity
4. Vanilla Sky
3. American Pie 2
2. I Am Sam
1. Mr. Deeds

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TOP 5 REASONS WHY THIS SITE WAS JUST UPDATED, TODAY, AFTER 10 days 11 days, yes, after 11 days, that's long ano? too long

Here are my alibis:

5. My pen lost its ink. Seriously its because of this. Instead of pen and paper, I have my cam with me around the city. (did you see me in Luneta lately?)

4. Too much Work. Seriously, it should be a reason. Ok. Ok. I'm waiting for my next trip back to Europe. But I'm working....you can google me if you want to. You stalker you. My real name is Bill Gates.

3. After winning the Webbys, ahem ahem, I dont have a link to that, sorry (but you can google me again, my other name is www.Philmusic.com - hahaha sorry Jim, I used your site, but advanced congratulations for another win this year). I'm targetting the Bloggys. hahaha, far fetched. Im just enjoying this.

2. Because Cynthia (you know her, I dont need to link her, you came from there, so its useless, to link her - I sound like Maritess) just plugged my site and I don't want to fail her 1,000,001 referrals by serving a 10 11-day old post. Kakahiya naman sa mga taong papasok sa site na ito.

And my best alibis for not updating this site:

1. I forgot I had another site. Because that's just me. I am spreading myself (not my legs) thin these days. Do this. Do that. Accept this work. Accept that. I have attention deficit. One day, I like listing. The next day, I like making Kodak's (shooting pala). Also, I am turning 3-0 too just like my friend, Mari.

Thank you for visiting....more to come.....after 11 days....come back!

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5. "Eagle? I thought you said BEAGLE."

4. "We're all out of red, so I used pink."

3. "There are 2 O's in Bob, right?"

2. "Gosh, I hate it when I get the hiccups."

1. "The flag's all done and, you know, the folds of fat make a nice waving effect."

and of course, "Ooooooops!"

Stolen unabashedly from one of my 1,001 spam emails

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5. I saw "Insomnia" last June and found it to be the next "Usual Suspects" / "Memento" movie wherein you could lose sleep just discussing the plot and sub-plots, the redeeming values of characters used by Nolan.

4. His work has inspired me to do my blogs in a Nolan-ish way. My palindromic blog and its titles are like his movies, can be seen and read normally (forwards) but made prettier if read backwards. You discover more angles. This blog is of course an off-take from the tattoo lists made on the body of Lenard Shelby, the character in Memento.

3. I saw 2 of the 3 playdates of "Following" in the recent Cinemanila 2002, his first film made without any budget. It made me conclude that Nolan and the rest of the family as being genius. His brother by the way wrote Memento and continues to help him in present and future projects. Including the biopic of Howard Hughes, to be starred by Jim Carrey.

2. I opened a new blog entitled "Memento" simply inspired by polaroids of the genius movie inspiration of the same title.

1. I love his work. You get to see more than just 2 sides of the coin. You can even see how and why its made.

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Of course aside from being a listaholic myself

5. This one is a steal at its price of P 599.00.
4. Its the latest volume - year 2002! Full of Top 10 lists from Entertainment, Headlines, Sports, Politics, History, etc. etc.
3. Its more than a steal, its a plunder as I got it from Powerbooks MegaMall at 40% discount
2. That is P 359.40 only or $ 7.00 for a hard bound book. Sulit talaga!
1. There's one copy left. I could buy it for you if you're into these things. Unica Hija might want.

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Sounded like I was gone for years, but actually gone only for 45 days. The landscape has changed though (a bit). I've seen changes, experienced even first hand (like seeing the Lotus Eaters, does that count?).

Anyway, here is a list of my discoveries - The Best and the Worst that happened in Metro Manila in 45 days.

What’s Good

1. Great weather. Where are the rains? The floods? I don’t see them. Actually I missed the great flood. I was the dove sent by Noah to see if the water has subsided. I left Manila on a great summer day and arrived the same way.

2. Great traffic flow. After realizing that driving 120-160 kph in Europe’s autoroutes is a great release to de-stress but also taxing to maintain that break neck pace for 3-7 hours, it’s not that bad to also drive slow at 20-40kph and enjoy the people crossing in front of you, reading Plate numbers (yep, I do that, finding words, messages from plate numbers) and just stare blankly into space.

3. New things:
a. Powerbooks at Glorietta – on top of Tower Records
b. Cinemanila at Greenbelt – foreign films galore!
c. The new P 200 bill (just saw somebody pay using the bill) or this should be under What’s bad? Having 2 Macapagals - Diosdado and Gloria on front and back respectively. Talk about ensuring one’s self as part of history.
d. The Macapagal diversion road at the end of the Coastal Road – to divide the traffic from Wilduck, Baclaran and EDSA, and redirect those going to Manila and Buendia right smack into Buendia.
e. The Disney channel on Sky.

4. Discovering that Papa is back to his usual self after going under the knife last June 5 for a quadruple bypass.

5. Just being here.

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What’s Bad:

1. Skyway skyrocketing prices. Skyway prices have rocketed to a minimum P 75, while the lower portion of the south superhighway exiting Bicutan increased to P 20 (from P 15).

2. Weakest Link – May K na. K for Allan K, K for Kabaduyan, K for katarantaduhan of its producers not to even consider other hosts like Anthony Pangilinan, David Celdran or other hosts worthy of the slot. Oh well.

3. Too much bad news, no one now cares. But did anyone really?

4. Local TV shows have gone to the dogs. I don’t know if people are still watching. Forced choice perhaps.

5. I miss my wife. O well, 40 days and counting. I just have to pay some bills and do some errands and I’m back to her arms again. (that thought just made me smile.)

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Gone Fishing

Image Taken by Lonely Tylenol from Vevey, Switzerland. All Rights Reserved 2002

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Here is the list of the Top 5 CDs which I played the most number of times during my more than a month in France, Switzerland and Italy:

5. David Bowie - "Changes" - After seeing him , I had to get his all-hits CD
4. Voices - A collection of contemporary opera singers
3. Morcheeba - "Charango" - cool cool sounds
2. Cultured Pearl - "Liquified Days" - listen to "Not this Time", underrated!
1. Josh Groban - "Josh Groban" - hmm, because my wife and mom liked him too

Except probably for Mr. Bowie, all CDs are best for long drives (especially for 4-hour 300 kilometer drives across Switzerland and Italy). Trust me. Morcheeba, CPearl's "Not This Time" and Josh's voice were as cool as snow in summertime.

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or Top 30 in the last 30

Ok. Time Flies. Really it did. It’s been 30 days since I arrived in Europe. Although the vacation was surely enjoyable, my wife would aptly put it in her great way with words – that of describing the feeling that, “leaving is more painful this way, when you have enjoyed, cried, hoped, and laughed, TOGETHER”. But we look forward to the next visit, and the next moments again thereafter, traveling, marveling at God’s wonderful creations and simply, being “physically” with each other!

Top 5 Places Visited
Pwede Top 10?

Job 42:3
"Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know."

10. Colosseum and Forum in Rome
9. Milan, Italy – the Duomo’s top view
8. The Sistine Chapel – finally…
7. Zurich, Switzerland – shopping mecca
6. Montreux, Switzerland – and its jazz (er, rock) fests
5. Rome, Italy – and all its ruins and dirt
4. Vatican – and all its grandeur
3. The Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy – fronting the island of Princess Padme Amidala in EP2
2. Simplon Pass – beauty and serenity combined atop 2,000m and in between mountains
1. Lake Como – and its environs including Villa Balbianello

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Top 5 Treasures Found

Matthew 13:44
"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field."

5. “Memento” DVD at CHF 25 or Php 750 only
4. “Morcheeba” CD – “Charango”
3. David Bowie “Concert Ticket” at the last minute
2. Bally Leather Shoes at Php 725 only
1. Inner Peace with the most important person in my life – my wife

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Top 5 Didn’t Do for the last 30 Days

5. No haircut. See Elvis Pressly reference below.
4. No DVD. All VCD, 24 of them including “Pagdating ng Panahon”, “Videoke King” and 20 other English/French (“Amelie”) films
3. No Sunday Mass in English in the last 5 weeks (1 Portuguese, 2 French, 2 Italian Masses)
2. No Tagalog TV, No ESPN, No Star Channels, No HBO!
1. No pounds lost. Probably gained pa nga!

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Top 5 Funny Moments

Job 8:21
"He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy."

5. Leaving our Rome Plane Tickets at home, and discovering it halfway to the airport
4. Discovering that I have a chance to be like Elvis Pressley, complete with the sideburns.
3. “Friends” VCDs Season 8 Episodes 1-12, kept us in stitches
2. Passing Gas not in the gasoline station
1. Being with each other, every minute of the day

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Top 5 Peaceful Moments

Numbers 6:26
"...the Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

5. Being part of the Papal blessing during Sunday mass at the Vatican.
4. Seeing The Lake Country (refer to Star Wars EP2) and hoping to visit Princess Amidala
3. Lake Geneva sunsets
2. Our discovery of what lies ahead
1. My wife and her loving glances my way.

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5. In 1790, Congress declared the city of Washington in the District of Columbia the permanent capital of the United States.
4. The world's first atomic bomb is secretly tested in the desert near Los Alamos, New Mexico.
3. The novel "Catcher in Rye" by JD Salinger is first published in 1951.
2. In 1969, Apollo 11 is launched with Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, Jr., and Michael Collins aboard.
1. An intensity 7.8 earthquake ocurred in the Philippines in 1990...

In 2002, I blogged.

Why can't my birthday be as exciting as today? At least, Dennis the Menace and me have the same birthdays.

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Some wishes already granted, without me buying them from amazon.com:

10. Photography Books - my wife has been haranguing me about my closeups and nightshots...grrr. Am also angry about not learning much.
9. Morcheeba CD - "Charango" - great CD (next up would be Norah Jones CD)
8. Usual Suspects DVD - no need to explain who Keyser Soze is. But who is he really?
7. Depeche Mode: One Night in Paris - I was in Switzerland when they were in Paris. But I have the DVD. So for me, that's fine.
6. Amelie DVD - speechlessness
5. Julia Fordham "Concrete Love" CD - long overdue. Me and my wife are true-blooded fans of this deep-voiced lady.
4. U2 "7" - collector's item. You only get them from Target stores.
3. Memento DVD - i suddenly forgot why I wanted this DVD. Maybe I have short memory problems myself. Great great flick!
2. Kobe Bryant: McFarlane Action Figure - hahaha, what's a 33-year old wanting a 23-year old's action figure? Ask me!
1. Additional Compact Flash Memory
- well, i needed it yesterday.

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If and When asked which CDs I couldn't live without if I were stranded on a desert island, my list would look like this:

8. 101, Depeche Mode - for me, it is the best DM Collection ever, as it starts with David Gahan's familiar voice "Good Evening Pasadena!" you are drawn part of the whole concert as well!
7. Zooropa, U2 - personal best for U2 as they grew more mature in their composition
6. MTV Live, 10,000 Maniacs - the best MTV Live recording and without bias that it so happened to be 10,000 Maniacs
5. Surfacing, Sarah McLachlan - if only I can take my whole Sarah stash, but if I have to choose, I'll bring this one
4. Blind Man's Zoo, 10,000 Maniacs - another genius work by Natalie and the rest of the guys
3. In My Tribe, 10,000 Maniacs - third disc from the group and I'm not going to part ways with it
2. Music from the Buffett Table, Barbie's Cradle - only local CD I will bring with me, no questions asked
1. Steve Green by Steve Green - everyone needs God when in solitude, "I Want to Know You More" will be apt when I'm alone in that deserted island!

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10 Years Ago, I

1. Was 23 years old, 129 lbs.
2. Was wearing starched pin-striped long sleeves and blue neckties to office
3. Was the youngest and most aggressive Management Committee (MANCOM) member in our office
4. Was able to buy my first car, a Toyota Corolla Liftback from my savings
5. Was dreaming of travelling abroad

5 Years Ago, I

1. Was 28 years old, estimated 135 lbs.
2. Was married happily for the last 2 years
3. Was still wearing starched white long sleeves and wide neck ties to work
4. Was already dealing with top honchos of big telecoms in the Philippines
5. Was able to travel to Asia already

3 Years Ago, I

1. Was scared of pushing 30 years
2. Was already happy to start letting go of my neckties
3. Was able to build my CD collection revolving around 10,000 Maniacs, Sarah McLachlan, Indigo Girls and Tori Amos
4. Was able to have an office-paid car, free from paying gasoline and parking expenses
5. Was still dreaming of travelling outside the Philippines (after going to Batad (Banaue), Vigan (Ilocos Sur), and Boracay)

A year ago, I

1. Was 32 years old, and 160 lbs.
2. Was working in a dotcom and was extremely enjoying it.
3. Was able to work in an office with me being one of the most mature in age (office average was just at 25 years young)
4. Was going to office in shirt and anything I wanted to wear
5. Was able to travel to Europe for the first time!

Yesterday, I

1. Weighed 162 lbs.
2. Went to a Swiss grocery and spent CHF 88 (P 2,700) on the next few days food ingredients
3. Watched "Sum of All Fears" on video
4. Was happy that Michele was back home
5. Was able to sleep comfortably for the first time in a month!

Today, I

1. Didn't check my weight. Still was 33 years young (same age as Jesus)
2. Didn't go to the grocery but went to the laundromat.
3. Didn't watch any foreign film, instead saw a Sharon Cuneta flick instead (I missed Filipino movies already)
4. Blogged on both my blogs, this and my other blogsite.
5. I finished 2nd Quarter Review slides of our own small business back in the Philippines.

Tomorrow, I

1. Will balance my finances.
2. Will call Mama and Papa and ask them how they are (missed them already)
3. Will have car all tidied and washed up
4. Will finish some more work
5. Will help in the house, with the 3 C's (cook, clean and care)

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5. A Whole Team Up for Bid - on Ebay! - I just made a bid, but they can't ship out to the Philippines....

4. North Korea vs. South Korea - hearing that their estranged neighbors were in the news for their 4th place finish in the World Cup, North Korea wanted to have a piece of news for their own - they bomb out and sink one Sokor navy boat. Whiners!

3. Philippine university closes eyes on Blind Scholars - the school's eyes should open up or better, the university should shut down!

2. Philippine Mayor makes Time - may his tribe increase!

1. World Cup is better than Sex - says Ronaldo- well, I guess it works for him. I will choose sex over the world cup, the cup is bigger and harder than mine, i don't want that.

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5. A great classic World Cup championship game between Germany and Brazil. Whoever wins.
4. Snail mail from friends (not email or text messages)
3. Pictures of recent Rome trip
2. Great weather.
1. Smile from my wife. My other half (definitely better too!)

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5. Did you know that you can see anyone's Drivers License on the net including your own? It's an American based site, but apparently it now links into Canada and the Philippines, and other countries where they've been for nearly a year now. Just key in your first and last names and then hit the search button. Just disregard the "state" field, you can bypass it and just input the "city" I just searched for my license, and there it was, picture and all. This something I didn't know you could do. I'm not sure I like this info out there ready for anyone to access. IS IT NOT BREACH OF PRIVACY? Check it out.

Click here or copy and paste this url --> http://www.license.shorturl.com/

4. Receiving comments on my other blog.
3. The weather at 22 degrees, unlike in Rome where it reached 32 degrees.
2. I didn't get lost in the autoroute and found my way back home.
1. My wife's smile. I love her so much.

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5. Lose 15 pounds - all from my love handles and be down in my fighting form of 155 lbs.
4. See the Pantheon, drop 3 coins on Trevi Fountain and jog around the Colosseum in Rome
3. Finish novena to a saint and pray the rosary without sleeping in between the 3rd and the 4th mysteries.
2. Learn how to cook a great meal (either a breakfast, lunch, dinner or at the very least a merienda meal)
1. Live without ESPN, Star World, Star Movies, and ABS CBN game shows for at least 40 days and 40 nights

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I'm no creature of habit, but if you find me in these places, you'll surely see these usual suspects with me:
1.Starbucks : its Rhumba Coffee Based Tall for me
2.Seattle's Best: i go for Javanilla Shake
3.Dome: i gulp a Cappucino
4.Page One: I go straight to their Travel Section
5.Powerbooks: I head to their free reading mag section
6.McDonald's : Chicken Nuggets are a gold mine
7.Carl's Jr: Famous Star is super
8.Jollibee : Regular Yum is oh so yummy
9.Burger King: onion rings lord it over me

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5. Guys who wear their shades on top of their heads. (are their heads feeling the heat of the sun. Go wear a cap!)
4. People who use their fingers, the index and the middle of both hands to denote a pair of "quotation marks" to say that what they said should not be taken in context ("duhhhh?", they look like "stupid" "jerks" doing "that", cut the fingers, man....)
3. Women who cover their cleavage when they bend over (as if I would take a peek...) but are wearing turtle neck shirts
2. People who move their lips - when I'm talking. Add to that, rolling their eyes and nodding their heads.
1. People who refer to you, adding an "s" to your nickname,(like Juns), especially when they wear their shades on top of their heads and most especially if they do the quotes sign when they explain something that they want not to be taken in context.

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Last 5 Walks : June 1-2, 2002

5. Greenhills Cinema - the old cinema is now great
4. Family Reunion / Mass at Commonwealth
3. Greenbelt 3- send off gimmick for friends to Canada
2. Chili's GB - last supper with Liji, Manolo and Joey
and the best walk of 'em all
1. ukay ukay sale - Area unknown, Ralph Lauren Wool Blazer at P800 and Gap Wool Coat P 1,000 !

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Last 5 CDs Played : May 11 to June 2, 2002

1. Sheryl Crow's Cmon - 4 * stars typical sheryl crow
2. Jewel's This Way - 5 * with Live tracks give it the extra star
3. Legally Blonde OST - 4* due to Vanessa's 1,000 miles
4. Serendipity OST - 4 * Drake and Gray in one CD
5. Hungry Young Poets - Rebirth is so soothing, is 6 * possible?

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Last 5 Movies Seen Alone : May 24-29, 2002

"The universe will expand, it will collapse, then expand again. Any mistake you've had before you try to get it right...NOW, because NOW is the only time you have" - Prot in K-Pax.

1. K-Pax- (May 29) first time seen in LA last November
2. The Bolier Room(May 28) on video
3. About the Boy- (May 26) on video not yet finished
4. Spiderman - (May 25) 4th time and was among 7 people who saw it in spanking new GB3
5. In the Bedroom- (May 24) was among 5 people who saw it in spanking new Podium

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AN EVENTFUL WEEKEND : May 25-26, 2002

Top 5 Events leading to the Title:

5. The battle of the new Cinemas : The Podium (I saw "In the Bedroom") and hotel-like Greenbelt 3 ( had the chutzpah to ask to be allowed inside for 20 minutes - I told the hotel-dressed bellboy that I am from the press). Both are flat out great. Carpeted. High back chairs, Greenbelt has even reclinable arm rests, so you can have lil baby seat in between mommy and daddy. Great sound and clear screen (no feather or lint-shaped objects seen on the widescreen). Although both are high priced at P 120 for Podium and P 130 for Greenbelt 3. So however great they may be, it is steep for Filipino standards.

4. CPK night out with Zobel friends. One great joke running everytime is that if you total our gross weight from 20 years ago, it will total the same as now. haha. I am one of those who gained weight. Heavily.

3. Long distance Instant Messenging for 2 hours with Michele. It really feels good. Beats out anything when you can exchange ideas, brainstorm on travel plans, and even share innermost thoughts and feelings. I liken it to a different level of communion and prayer.

2. Lakers lose big.

1. Lola Meding's Video showing with Mama, May and Bingo. It feels good seeing family to be this strongly bound. I am proud of our family.

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SUNDAY, May 19
Michele leaves at 6:45 pm

5. SUNDAY, May 19
What's me to do? I splurge on CDR titles of 80s music and re-discovered 3 CDs to bring back memories of yore of my youth. Have you heard the mix of Blue Zoo's Love Moves with the Intro of U2's With of Without You? What about the mix of Melt With You by Modern English and Seona Dancing's "More to Lose"? This is the CD I have been looking for!

Oh one more, Lakers won game 1 vs. the Kings. Michele and I saw the great first quarter (Lakers made 9 out of the first 10 shot attempts) at the waiting lounge of Cebu's Mactan International Airport.

4. MONDAY, May 20
boring day. My laptop wanted to give up on me. But I wanted it resuscitated. Finally it broke down.

3. TUESDAY, May 21
Discovered this card game - NBA Showdown. It reminded of a card game I created on my own when I was 10 years old from cut-out pictures of NBA All-Stars from magazines. Then like the game super-trump you beat your opponent with your player card's which have stats like Height, Weight, Jersey Number and Point Average. Sad to say, I didnt have it patented. hehehe

2. WEDNESDAY, May 22
Attended Prayer Meeting at Sanctuario San Antonio. Had late dinner at the Dish Powerplant. Wanted to watch "In the Bedroom" or "Panic Room". I heard both films were noteworthy. But I didnt. Just had coffee and went home to my room. My own bedroom. No panic.

1. THURSDAY, May 23.
hmmmmm.....slept early. that's it.

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SUNDAY, May 12
Michele arrives at 7:42 pm.

5. MONDAY, May 13
On Monday, we got her new driver’s license renewed in less than an hour, now she can drive back in the autobahn at the normal speed of 140 kph.. Felt like a celebrity couple with some video shoots (Take 1, take note) for my lola’s birthday video. Packed up at 8:45 pm.

4. TUESDAY, May 14
Then on Tuesday, we went to the 3 H’s – Health (the doctor), Hair Repair (Salon) and Help! (the bank!). I was able to squeeze in work in the middle of the afternoon, with a meeting with clients and early that night, did a report from an internet café. We practically spent the rest of the night in Rockwell’s Powerplant with a dinner with officememates and capping it off with halo-halo with my dad and sister.
Don’t think our night was over since we visited a close couple at 10:30 pm and ended a wholelottaof talk from F1 to death to dogs to fake DVDs. Home at 1 am.

3. WEDNESDAY, May 15
We went back to the doctors where I was able to catch the Lakers-Spurs game at the Xray’s rooms’ lounge. Had lunch with a friend since grade school and went to work. I was fetched at 5pm for some more time with more friends from the office. We attended our first Prayer’s meeting in 4 years and topped it off with “Death with Inihaw” meals at Dencio’s in the Fort.

4. THURSDAY, May 16
Went to San Pablo to visit the Carmelite Sisters. A very meaningful meeting with the sisters. Now I know who my guardian angel is…sort off. Got some fits of fear when an accident was supposed to happen. Thanks to Nang Rose, our other guardian angel.

Went shopping at Alabang Town Center

5. THE WEEKEND, May 17-19
Cebu. Family. Matthew and Kyle. Lechon. Reunion. Lola's 88thbirthday. More food. Sea food. Beach. Relax. Jet Ski. Sun tan. Sexy ladies. Star WarsII: Attack of the Clones (Yeah, Yoda is the Man and He. Me. Are like each other) Shopping. Barbie’s Cradle. More food. Chit chat til midnite. Zzzzzzz.

which Episode II character are you?

Yoda. Jedi Master. Your word is pretty much gospel, as far as others are concerned. You stick to your roots and have a good head on your shoulders. You can always provide a good response to those in need of answers, or those who just want to talk. You may not look tough, but inside you've got more power than the majoirty of people.

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5. U2, Achtung Baby- yes, attention babe!
4. Nick Drake, Way to Blue - 16 solid tracks
3. REM's Reveal - a revelation indeed even after 6 months
2. Jewel's This Way- hmmmm, missed her and her music
1. I Am Sam Soundtrack- not a Beatles' fan, but you don't have to be to appreciate this great soundtrack

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5. Eyewitness Travel Guide to Rome, soon in 40 days!
4. Javascript for Dummies, itching to perfect my blogsite
3. How to Pray with Open Eyes, yes, you can do it
2. About A Boy Nick Hornby - bought 2 yrs ago, read first few pages, lost the book, found it again last week
1. The Best of Roald Dahl- being read for the gazillionth time

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Increase your webpage visitors this week by including the following keywords in your blogs:

5. Pictures or photos
4. Penthouse Magazine
3. Anna Kournikova
2. nude
1. real pictures inside - no kidding, click me click me, please.....

tell me if it works....

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No sports heroes nor political kingpins, but creative artists were born today...

5. Director : Amy Heckerling (Clueless, Look Who's Talking)
4. Composers : Johannes Brahms, 1833 and Peter Tachaikovsky, 1840
3. Writer :Rabindranath Tagore, Writer, 1861
2. Actors: Eva Peron, 1919 and Gary Cooper, 1901
1. Poets : Archibald Macleish, 1892 and Robert Browning, 1812

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5. We are both slow to get girls
4. I also rode on a school bus til Senior Year High School.
3. I wore glasses.
2. Both of us are lefties.
1. We both like to kiss Kirsten Dunst (upside down in the rain in a wet suit).

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5. your grocery list, your laundry list, your things to do
4. America's Top 40
3. The 12 Days of Christmas
2. The 10 Commandments
1. The Blog of Lists

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5. Not much out there in the blog world on the very interesting way of blogging - listing.
4. It is a faster read. One can finish a list in less than 3 minutes.
3. It is a way of encapsulating what were in the top spot of topics discussed.
2. I love to make lists - things to do, shopping list, wish list, etc.
1. I justed wanted to....

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